August 24, 2015

Review: Please Remain Calm by Courtney Summers

Title: Please Remain Calm

Author: Courtney Summers (Author Website)

Published: January 2015

Edition Read: Purchased eBook (Nook)

Level Recommended: Young Adult

Series: Sequel of This Is Not A Test (my review)

Overall: Please Remain Calm was a highly anticipated sequel for me. I devoured it's predecessor,   This is Not a Test, even in my sleep deprived state last summer. Please Remain Calm did not disappoint. I had so many feelings throughout this book that it's pretty much cemented Courtney Summers as my next go-to author. 

Summary: (From Amazon) IPlease Remain Calm, the gripping sequel to Courtney Summers' This is Not a Test, Rhys and Sloane are headed for a safe haven when they get separated along the way. Rhys is determined to reunite with Sloane until he discovers people who might need him more--people who offer him the closest he'll get to everything he's lost, if they can just hold on long enough. Rhys thinks he has what it takes to survive and find Sloane, but in a world overrun by the dead, there are no guarantees and the next leg of his journey will test him in unimaginable ways...

Review:  This novella picks up right were This is Not a Test leaves off, with Sloane and Rhys in a car, trying to figure out what they are going to do next. The first plan is drive to the safe point that the radio keeps blaring on about. But, once they are attacked by zombies Sloane and Rhys are separated. Rhys finds himself alone, lost, in the woods. He's been saved by a man and his wife and daughter. Understandably, the man has little interest in keeping Rhys around, but something changes his mind, and the man lets Rhys in on a little secret.

There is no safe zone. There is only the dead, and over run cities. The man and his wife offer to walk with Rhys up to a certain point, since they are walking that way anyway, but after that Rhys is on his own.

Summers has a great way of making her books page turners. I'm not quite sure how she does it, but I find myself unable to out her novels down. When I should be sleeping I am not. I always seem to find myself at a point where my eyes are demanding to close and I tell myself 'All right, already, I'll go to sleep!'. Usually this how it ends.

I also always seem to find myself fighting with a character or two in her books. The way Summers gets me to care so darn much about characters in a book! I don't know. I just really, really wanted the happy ending. I really, really wanted Sloane and Rhys to find each other. I wanted the man and his wife and daughter to make it to their safe haven. I wanted everything to be tied up in a neat little bow, because I wanted that for everyone.

This is not Summer's style. No one gets happily ever after, and even though I didn't get what I wanted I still had to tell my husband all about it.

If you are looking for another great zombie read just before Walking Dead comes back on pick up Please Remain Calm. Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed. 

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