September 3, 2015

The Difference

Let's face it. The beginning of the school year is busy. It's busy for teachers, students, and parents. It's busy for every single person involved in making a school run. I usually call this time of year "hitting the ground running." You jump into the flow of things and you don't really seem to stop. Even when you get home you're running.

This year is very different from every other year. This year was my first in a school, but not in the classroom. (Of course I count my library as a classroom. Hey, I still teach don't I?) So here are three differences (so far) from this year compared to any other year in the classroom.

1. I'm not surrounded by students. This isn't exactly true. I still teach classes, and have them Monday through Thursday. I also have breaks where there isn't a whole class in my library. I have moments when there will be two or three kids coming in to check out books, and, although to the outside eye I may seem not busy, I never run out of stuff to do. Those breaks make the huge difference in me actually getting things done. E-mail, announcements, planning, re-shelving, planning? All of it keeps me very busy.

2. You get to see everyone's personality. Pretty straight forward, right? In my school there are 650 students, and we have kids that range from Pre-K to 6th grade. Add into the mix the teachers, admin, and support staff and you see quite a range of people every day. This is very different from being in a classroom where the people that you see are all pretty much in that one room all day long.

3. I'm in charge. Granted I'm in charge of my little room and all that occurs in it, but it's an area of the school that I'm happy to be in charge of. Books, resources, and information. Couldn't be happier. There are times in my day that I'm in charge of students, and times in my day when I'm only in charge of myself. Obviously, I always feel like I get more done when I'm in charge of myself.

4. I'm not so exhausted. Being in the classroom exhausted me. Physically, mentally, and sometimes emotionally. Every year I thought I'd get a handle on that exhaustion, but I never did seem to accomplish that. When I began to think I had I always ended up right back in square one, exhausted all over again. I'm not going to say that I don't feel exhausted now once in a while, but the simple the simple truth is that I'm not exhausted nearly as often as before. The big example of that is I survived the first week, and still felt pretty good when I got home.

5. I really, really enjoy what I do. Going to work isn't so hard when you actually really enjoy what you do. I'm actually at a place where I can say that, and I really hope that it stays that way.

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