September 9, 2015

That Time Of Year

My household has been very sick the last couple of weeks. There was some *wonderful* change in our weather that kicked up the allergens in the air, and that has basically done a lot of damage. Between Little Monkey getting sick with immense congestion coupled with a new little fever, and me dealing with my own horrible congestion and asthma-like symptoms from allergies we've been pretty low-key around here. (Seriously, it's felt like someone wrapped something tightly around my ribs so I can't breathe comfortably.)

For us, and where we live, our allergies are not seasonal. We have them every day of the year. We don't get a break from them. If anything we actually have times of the year where allergies are just worse then normal, and lands us in the doctor's office.

I'm also definitely not a mom that is able to get a whole done during M's down time especially when we or he is sick. He's never been much of a sleeper or napper. When he's asleep I'm usually asking myself, "Does it need to get done?" and "If it doesn't can I take a nap, too?"

Add into that a fussy, feverish toddler, and, well, let's just say we're getting the minimum of the housework done. I'm so sad that Monkey has gotten my allergies. I remember dealing with them, but not until I was at least in middle school. My poor son isn't even two and already his nose is almost constantly drippy.

So here are a few ways we try to make things more comfy for him:

1. Saline and Aspirators. Take it from someone who has purchased almost every aspirator out on the market, the NoseFrida is the best one out there. Yes, our son hates it. I'm basically put a plastic tube in his nose and sucking out the air and boogers, but it works. A clear nose with saline to help moisten the nasal passages goes a long way to keeping the congestion from settling in his chest.

2. Boogie Wipes. Yes, these are expensive and are basically moist wipes with saline. They are also the only things I can use to wipe his nose when he's really, really sick without him pushing me away. Ever tried to wipe a kids nose and have them yell, scream, and throw himself as far away from you as he can? Not fun. When I can I use a regular baby wipe, but when he's really sick and fussy I'll bust out the Boogey Wipes.

3. Claritian. On our doctor's suggestion we give M a dose of Children's Claritian every morning to help manage his allergies. We go based on the doctor's dosage and when he changes the doseage we will. We can only give it to him once a day, but it does go a long way to help manage Monkey's allergies.

4. Humidifier. When the allergies are really bad and Monkey is having a hard time we use our cold air humidifier to help keep the air in the bedroom moist. It's supposed to help with congestion, and I'm not really sure how much it helps, but we still use it. He does sleep better at night with it on.

Alleriges are no fun, and if anyone has any more ideas I'm all ears.

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