September 4, 2015

Cybils 2015: Call for Judges

The 2015 call for judges has started for CYBILS, Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards! This year I threw my name in for the graphic novel, fiction picture books, and elementary/mid-grade speculative fiction.

If I did get picked for any of these categories I'd come out ahead. Graphic Novels? We all know I love reviewing graphic novels of all kinds, and that I tend to lean more towards the non-superhero stuff. I'd love to get a much better look at what's been published out there. My kids love graphic novels.

Fiction Picture Books? Yeah, more lovely books to read with not just my students but my Little Monkey as well? Win. Plus I'd get to see and hear how other people review picture books. I'd love to get a more rounded view on picture book reviews.

And, finally, elementary and mid-grade speculative fiction. Do you know what my kids are all asking for? They're asking for "scary books". "Miss do you have any scary books?" "Miss do you have any dragon books?" Yes, I definitely think there is a call and need for some speculative fiction in my library. I'd love to have some recommendations for my kids!

In the end, I can't wait for CYBILS. For the first time since the last time I participated in 2009 I'm pumped to possibly participate again.

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